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Prayer Warriors

Band of Thunder  (Herb Thomas, Clifton Beasley, Rod Reisman and Jeff Domzalski)

Clifton Beasley

Lynda Hill

Sharon Chalklett

Judi Kirk

Gale Sawyer

Valerie Dillard

Meryl Johnson

Elma Flemister

Lil' Scrooge Kids (CYMT)

Look forward to new signings by tbc music for groups and other acts.
TBC Music
tbc music

tbc music is a division of thomasvisions inc.
productions. tbc was created as an avenue not
only for the Prayer Warriors distribution, but for
other recording artists as well.  tbc music hosts a
number of solo artists to its credit.  Our premier CD
was "Alley Suites", a collection of original materials
written and produced by Herb Thomas, Clifton Beasley,
Music Director, and Rod Reisman, Drummer (Band of Thunder).

New Releases: "Earthbound", "Long Dance with the Spider", Re-release of "Night Landings", "Don't Let Nobody Hold You Down" and "Message for Our Times"


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