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Welcome to thomasvisions inc. productions

thomasvisions inc. has grown into one of Northeast Ohio's leading all around Media/Production and Entertainment companies.  Under the strong leadership of its founder and President, Herb Thomas.  thomasvisions inc. has become the proud "Parent Company" of thomasvisions inc. productions, the Prayer Warriors Performing Arts Group, TBC Music Recording Company, Creative Youth Musical Theatre and Band of Thunder.

thomasvisions inc. productions stands ready and able to assist you in any aspect of event planning, whether it be planning and production needs; graphic and/or art designs; or if entertainment is what you are looking for; we can provide that for you too.  Are you an artist looking for someone to help steer you in the right direction; give us a call, we stand ready to assist you.

thomasvisions inc. productions can guide you from your initial plans and dreams and bring them to life.  If you have an idea, we can make it happen.

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